Inside Persephone’s Garden

Inside Persephone’s Garden you will find a treasure chest of Greek heritage. From ancient Greek history, archaeology, culinary and agricultural heritage, folklore, customs, literature, music and the arts, political history and even travel and destination information.

It is something that I have been wanting to do for a very long time. Throughout the years, my travels and even my work as a writer, I have collected a wealth of information that should be shared. Having said that however it is not just the information that I want to share but the knowledge, wisdom and philosophy of Greek Living which I believe is a kind of doctrine that few other cultures share. For example no other cultures valued and strove to live with qualities such as Arete, which in Greek means “moral virtue” and the “Greek Ideal” which was the devotion to the the highest standards of excellence achieved through superb cultivation of the body, mind and spirit.


The  Golden Age of Athens. A civilization like no other.
The Golden Age of Athens. A civilization like no other.


This was of course thousands of years ago and the glory of the Golden Age of Greece is no more. Greece has suffered through devastating wars, her treasures and wealth pillaged. Being at the crossroads of East and West meant that many conquerors came and went. Some stayed for a short time, others for hundreds of years but all left behind a trace of their culture which makes discovering Greece all the more a rich and rewarding experience.


The breathtaking landscape of Greece.
The breathtaking landscape of Greece.


But Greece is not only history and culture. It is also the beautiful perfection of the landscape which is a mountainous and hilly peninsula with lush valleys as well as hundreds of surrounding islands, located in and around the Aegean Sea. Greece is blessed with  fertile soil,  adequate rainfall and a moderate climate year round with higher than average days of sunshine.


Greek olive oil


These conditions create favorable farming conditions and Greece has a very rich and varied agricultural tradition producing top quality fruits, vegetables, wheat and barley and of course excellent olive oil.

With such a diverse geographical location, variety of habitat types and favorable weather conditions you can imagine the abundance of different species of fauna and flora of Greece which is one of the most ample in all of Europe.


Choose something like paradise
Choose something like paradise


And I think you pretty much have guessed that I will have no shortage of topics to write about in my upcoming posts.

Hope you will stick around for the journey.

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