Greek Light – Light Like No Other

Greek Light - A Light Like No Other

Blue like no other
The brilliant blue bay of Ai Giannis Detis in Paros with the mountains of Naxos in the background.

There is something about Greek light as it falls on marble all pink and gold, as it falls on the russet colored earth of the Peloponnese, as it reflects off the  bright blue Aegean and collides with the granite and limestone.

It excites the senses. You smell it in the summer jasmine. You taste it in the sun drenched tomato.

You feel it on the olive soap scented sheets that have been put out to dry. You hear it as you pour the chilled crystal Assyrtiko wine from Santorini into your glass.

Greek light by the glass

You see it with eyes closed when you dream of life as you desire it to be.

The Byzantine Path in Paros

This is the one and only light of Greece.

It is light like no other anywhere on earth.

“The light of Greece opened my eyes, penetrated my pores, expanded my whole being. I came home to the world.…”

Henry Miller

“Whoever has seen Greece will carry forever in his heart the remembrance of a miracle of light. No blinding glare, no blazing colors, but an all-pervading, luminous brightness which bathes the foreground in a delicate glow, yet makes the furthest distances clearly visible. “

Walter F. Howe



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